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Are Cheap Essays Worth It?

There are many old sayings regarding money and quality, including ‘you get what you pay for’ and ‘if it’s too good to be true….’ and both of these have never been more true if you’re looking for cheap essays, because in the long run, opting for a cheap essay might very well get you into a huge amount of trouble.

Let’s take a look at how this sort of thing works: a cheap essay writing service usa is a business like any other. Customers pay a certain amount for an essay which, of course, varies, depending on a number of variables. The company then divides that paying its writers, paying it support staff, paying its administrative staff as well as other important things, such as paying for office space, which, if you have a business, always helps.

In the essay-writing field, people mainly think about the writers, so let’s take a realistic look at them. Say that you’ve found a company that will do your custom essay for ten dollars, and for argument’s sake, let’s make it a two-page paper with two sources that the writer had to find and research. That’s definitely a cheap essay. How much do you think the writer is paid? A dollar a page? Fifty cents? Is it realistic to think that a university-educated person from the developed world is going to work for wages like that? People who write for a living, do research for a living, or both, do it because it’s something they enjoy, but find even the most passionate person and they’re going to lose their drive pretty quickly when they find they’re only making twenty-five cents an hour or less.

In looking for the best deal or the cheapest essay, what kind of paper do you think that you’re going to be able to get for that price? Is somebody going to take the time to adequately research an essay like that or is it going to be cut-and-pasted from old essays, is it going to be improperly cited, and will the spelling and grammar be up to par? Or, worst of all, could it be a previously-used recycled student essay that’s going to seriously affect your academic career when it’s flagged as being plagiarized?

We Realize You’re On a Budget

Being on a budget, however, doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a cheap essay and possible expulsion. The biggest way to save money? Time. The shorter the deadline is, the more the essay is going to cost. If you’ve been assigned an essay and you’re not certain you’re going to be able to make the deadline, place the order as soon as you can leaving it to the last minute is more expensive than giving your writer time to research and write it at a normal pace. If you’ve been caught unaware or you’ve had some kind of emergency, absolutely: our writers can handle your paper overnight, and do that often, but planning ahead is the key to receiving quality work that won’t break the bank.

The formats we use are standardized academic formats, which involve 12-point text and double-spaced pages which yields roughly 300 words per page. In many cases it’s simply not possible to fit a scholarly paper in one page, so allow for the fact that you may need two or three pages for your paper to be a success. Instead of trying to cut costs by stating that you want a one-page paper, try cutting costs by placing your order at least ten days in advance of its deadline.

In ordering an essay from our company, you never have to worry about your privacy, online safety or your academic standings being negatively affected. Isn’t your peace-of-mind worth it?