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Benefit of Legal Employment Representation

They believe that getting help from an attorney will cost them a lot of money that they do not have, or they believe bringing a lawsuit would be a waste of time. Employees are generally not well informed about their rights when they are terminated, so they commonly do not realize that their termination was illegal. Furthermore, many employees are not aware that they could speak to an experienced employment discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles for free, and if they have a good case, could be represented on a contingency basis (No recovery no fee). Finally, many employees are not aware that juries in California commonly award plaintiffs who have been wrongfully terminated awards in the six figures, or in some cases seven figures. If you are discharged in California, many laws exist to protect you from illegal terminations. However, many of these laws are complex, and many times they are not easy to understand. Luckily, if you live in the Los Angeles or Orange County area, it is as easy as picking up your phone to get information about whether you may have been wrongfully terminated. Many of the best employment law firms have hotlines where employees can call for free to speak about their termination. If you appear to have a potential wrongful termination case after talking with the firm on the phone, many of the best employment law attorneys who represent people in Los Angeles and Orange County will be willing to talk to you in person for free.

It is unfortunate that many times issues of unlawful discrimination, retaliation for being a whistleblower or sexual harassment go unpunished because the employee victim never contacts an experienced employment law attorney to speak about their case. Most employees have no idea of all their rights under the California Labor Code, or the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, so they don’t even know when their rights have been violated. Furthermore, when employers terminate an employee for illegal reasons they generally are going to try and hide it, but an experienced employment law attorney can tell the “red flags” that signal a wrongful termination, so you always need to talk to one if you termination seems “fishy” or pretextual. Some of the best employment discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles are willing to speak to potential victims of wrongful termination for free, so it should cost you nothing to find out whether you may have been wrongfully terminated. It is a huge mistake to not taking the time to call a reputable employment law firm who will talk to you for free to tell them about your termination.

When looking for the best California employment law termination attorney, make sure they have a solid reputation, a track record of success, and will not charge you money to consult. An attorney who wants you to pay them money up front to write a letter to your former employer is a really, really bad sign that this attorney is going to cost you a lot of money, and get you very little or nothing in return. A lot of bad attorneys may try and tell you that employees will pay a lot of money based upon the fear that you may file a lawsuit, so you should pay them to write a letter threatening your former employer you are going to sue. This strategy may get you a fraction of what your lawsuit is worth, but most corporations will not pay what your lawsuit is worth until you file a lawsuit and establish the facts. In other words, most corporations will not pay you what your lawsuit is worth until they realize they are going to lose if the case goes to trial. Unfortunately, corporations have gotten used to paying small settlements for cases that should be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars because of bad plaintiff’s attorneys who do not know what they are doing. The truth is that there are a lot of attorneys who have no experience in the area of employment law who will ask for money to write letters or large retainer fees, which employees who have been terminated generally cannot afford, to do a little meaningless work on the case, and then at some point they will ask for more money to file the case, or tell you they can get you a few thousand dollars. Please don’t retain one of these attorneys.

Success means getting you get the financial compensation you deserve for pain and suffering and loss of income if you can prove you were wrongfully terminated. Victims of wrongful termination in California commonly receive six and seven figure verdicts from juries if they win at trial. The problem is too many attorneys are not willing to go to trial, and the corporate defense counsel know who they are. Always retain an attorney who has a reputation for going to trial and winning, because these are the attorneys who can get you the biggest settlements.

The good news is that some of the best wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles take cases on a contingency basis (No recovery no fee), and they will consult with you about your case for free. A discrimination attorney in Los Angeles who is any good should only get paid if you get money. This means your interests are aligned with the attorney because the more money he/she gets you, the more money he/she will make as a fee.