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The Chicago Format

The Chicago citation format has two different versions, the Notes-Bibliography version, which is most commonly used in Humanities and Liberal Arts and the nearly-identical Author-Date version, which is generally used for Social Sciences. Both formats allow the reader to cross-check references due to the use of footnotes, which allow the reader to quickly locate information used in the text. Ideally, everything that is referenced in the Chicago citation method should be allotted a footnote to avoid the possibility of plagiarism, whether it’s in-text citations or paraphrased material. A bibliography used in the Chicago format will include all reference material used in the text as well as recommendations for further reading on the topic, should it be necessary.

Our writers are knowledgeable about all of the citation methods that are most commonly used, so if you need a term paper in Chicago style, you can be assured that your paper will be formatted within the most current version and that all reference material will be properly accounted for using the footnotes and bibliography that the Chicago method requires. Term papers in Chicago style composed by our team of highly skilled writers will follow the Chicago citation format to the letter, and will be written to the highest academic standard.

Our company prides itself on academic quality, which is why we follow academic referencing methods so carefully: if you’ve ordered a term paper in Chicago style, it will be double-spaced with one-inch margins on all sides, will be written in 12-point text with each page yielding a little over 300 words. The commonly-used citation methods follow that format to allow instructors to read and find information quickly in student papers and the majority of colleges and universities prefer this layout as it allows for the cross-referencing of material easily and efficiently.

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