Terms and Conditions

Terms and ConditionsOur Service is a privileged custom writing service and therefore it defines certain conditions for its clients before they use its services. By hiring the services of our service, clients pledge to adhere to the following terms and conditions:

Our Service is a custom writing service that provides model papers for personal and non-commercial use. Your agreement to our terms and conditions endorses that you will use our papers only for referencing purpose and will never duplicate or reproduce it in any form.

The company hires only highly competent and experienced staff for accomplishing an assignment. All the academic papers are created by our in-house academic writers.

The agreement between the company and the client will be deemed effective once an order is placed and will be terminated after the delivery of the order.

We assure that a paper will be crafted as per the given specifications of the client.

If the client feels that there are discrepancies in the final draft of the assignment, the client must approach the company within 7 days after the receipt.

The clients must provide the complete details of the order while filling out the order form.

Privacy Policy

– Personal Information
We use customer’s personal information to correspond with them concerning the details of their order. The information consists of their name, email ID and phone numbers. The customer has the rights to use an alias instead of his/her real name. However, the remaining details such as contact number and email address must be authentic as they are used for order confirmation. All the information of the clients will be stored in a highly encrypted server.

– Use Of Personal Information
The personal details of the clients help us execute an order and make further inquiries with the client. In addition, we use our client’s information to keep them updated with recent addition in our services, promotional offers and discount packages. We ensure that your personal information will not be accessed by any third party except the company’s authorised staff.

However, clients have authority to withdraw from subscription whenever they want. However, this will remove the client’s personal details from our system.

– Use Of Online Information
We administer the IP address and cookies of our visitors who utilise our website resources. In this way, we are able to analyse how visitors use our website and what web pages they browse the most. This makes it possible for us to locate the web pages with high bounce back rate and this in turn allows us to enhance experience of our website visitors.

– Refund Policy
If the client feels anything missing in the final draft even after the 7 revisions of an assignment, then the client is liable to contact Our Service and make a formal complaint through its customer support service. Afterwards, Our Service will be obliged to either:

Hire another academic writer if the company believes that the order can be completed in the required time period Or Pay refund to the client

– Contact And Dispute Agreement
In the case of discontent, the client must notify the company before approaching any intermediary.
If both the company and client fail to settle the matter within 2 weeks, the client will then be free to pursue a third party for arbitration.

Failure to comply with the above mentioned statements will be considered as breach of contract and the matter will be sorted out as per the company’s policy.

– Cancellation Policy
Our Service is entitled to cancel an order under the following circumstances:

  • If the company cannot allocate a suitable academic writer for an order, though it hardly ever happens
  • If we fail to guarantee the completion of an order as a result of any unforeseen event(s)
  • If the client defies one or more clauses of our terms and conditions, we will cancel the order right away
  • If the company receives an order but fails to continue working on it due to any unpredicted situations, all the measures will be taken to furnish a refund to the client.

Delivery Agreement

  • Our Service pledges to deliver every order within the specified deadline
  • We assure that the client will receive a paper in the right format as provided in the order form
  • The company also endorses that an order will be sent to the client’s address without any additional fee.

Customer Support Service

  • Our Service will look after the needs of its clients through its highly responsive customer support service.
  • The company will assign an efficient team of customer support representatives till the completion of an order.

100% Plagiarism-Free Paper

  • The company guarantees that it will produce only 100% original and authentic paper to its clients
  • The company gives surety for the originality of every assignment by sending an anti-plagiarism report.

NOTE: Our Service has the absolute rights to change or amend any statements in its above mentioned policy. Therefore, clients are urged to read the policies every now and then.